Travel agency gained speed in advertising

The Danish travel company Bravo Tours is managing their display advertising through 3Loops. Their templates have a simple design with a high degree of flexibility, making it possible to use the same templates for different offers, messages and purposes. We produced a custom template with CMS, animated backgrounds, splash and CTA. The travel company is now completely in charge of its own banner production – without compromising on neither design nor functionality.

Bravo Tours performs in a business that is constantly affected by changing prices, competition and circumstances. Online is a substantial part of their marketing and particularly display advertising is an important discipline in terms of both branding and sales.

“We chose 3Loops because of the speed and flexibility of the tool,” says Thomas Høeg from Bravo Tours. The degree of flexibility depends to a great extent on the design. Bravo Tours designed their own template and had 3Loops animate, version and produce it. We focused on keeping it as simple as possible. Because of these efforts, their banner templates with CMS and animations can be used for a long time and in many different contexts.

“This system has made our working procedures considerably shorter. We can execute a campaign in a few hours, and during the campaign we can change the message and update live, if flights or destinations should change. Until now, our digital designer was designing these things in Photoshop and InDesign, and we would rely on external agencies for digital development. Now we moved everything into 3Loops and can manage all advertising ourselves – including retargeting.”
- Thomas Høeg, Chief of Marketing, Bravo Tours

In order to achieve the perfectly right graphic expression, it can be necessary to get custom design templates for your 3Loops-platform. However, many of the existing template designs do contain a high degree of flexibility, and they are all dynamic and fully adjustable with your own content. The right template can support a company’s brand identity and elevate its overall digital presence – for Bravo Tours, this meant ordering a custom design.

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