Consultancy gained absolute control
of banner production

Danish IDA is one of the first companies to start using 3Loops. Online advertising accounts for the predominant part of the company’s overall marketing, which means that the possibility for optimising the budget is all that greater. IDA purchases custom design banner templates but is otherwise 100 % autonomous in their banner production.

The counsellors at IDA are in daily contact with their members, which provides the marketing department with a good sense of the needs and worries of its target audience. They have been looking for a way to be more flexible when it comes to testing material and changing content in accordance with trends and changes. Using 3Loops, they can now react to changes in the market in a matter of hours without further expenses.

Is this company extraordinarily lucky to have close customer contact? Not really. Even smaller companies have natural access to information about customers or users. Just ask Liz in reception about the calls she receives or do a quick survey among the support or service employees. What are the challenges and needs of our clients right now?

“When we uncover a new need among our members, we can change the message of our ongoing campaigns right away and thereby target important trends within our target groups. We are saving money on resources and at the same time providing better customer service. Clients can find the right products for their needs. Overall, this process creates a positive energy in our marketing and excellent results.”
- Stig Albeck, Marketing Consultant at IDA

Through streamlining of production, IDA now has better time for other parts of the marketing process. Among other things, this gained time is spent on monitoring campaign results and continually optimising advertising.

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